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Slip Up Summer Tour 2012

If you’re on the West coast, BOTH of the bands I am in will be in your zones in about a week or two. 

Slip Up Summer 2012
with Moon Pearl and  Dash Jacket

Monday June 18th / Sean Carnage Mondays at Pehrspace with Let’s Paint TV!
Tuesday June 19th / San Luis Obispo at KCPR presents 
Wednesday June 20th / Oakland at Hearts + Palms with A White Hunter
Thursday June 23rd / Seattle/Olympia
Friday June 22nd / Portland at Boom Bap!
Saturday June 23rd / Seattle/Olympia
Sunday June 24th / Seattle/Olympia
Monday June 25th / ????
Tuesday June 26th / Sacramento at Bows & Arrows with Gentleman Surfer
Thursday June 28th / The Valley at TAKE OFF! 
Friday June 29th / Palm Springs at Ace Hotel with Religious Girls
Saturday June 30th / Irvine at Acrobatics Everyday

We still need shows in Washington (I think some of the ones we had or were gonna have fell through :/) or any place else where the schedule is open, so if anyone knows of anything we could play, that’d be real cool!

(I’m mainly posting this so I can let everyone I know in these cities that I’ll be near you guys and I wanna see you, especially if I haven’t seen you in a while! Friends!)

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